Sultan Pizza

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Sultan Pizza PR9 0TH

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Address & Contact

Address: 51 London St, Southport PR9 0TH
Phone Number: 01704 501850


Cans – Pepsi Can£0.90
Cans – Coke Can£0.90
Cans – Diet Coke Can£0.90
Cans – Cherry Coke Can£0.90
Cans – Dr Pepper Can£0.90
Cans – Vimto Can£0.90
Cans – 7up Can£0.90
Cans – Fanta Can£0.90
Bottles – 1.5ltr Coke Bottle£2.50
Bottles – 1.5ltr Pepsi Bottle£2.50
Bottles – 1.5ltr Tango Bottle£2.50
Bottles – Bottle Of Water£1.00
Small Donner Kebab£4.50
Large Donner Kebab£5.00
Small Portion Of Donner Meat£3.00
Large Portion Of Donner Meat£4.00
Small Donner Meat And Chips£4.00
Large Donner Meat And Chips£5.00
Small Shish Kebab£5.50
Large Shish Kebab£6.50
Small Chicken Tikka Kebab£5.50
Large Chicken Tikka Kebab£6.50
Mix Any 2x Kebabs£7.00
Mix Any 3x Kebabs£8.00
Mix Any 4x Kebabs£9.50
Sultans Special Kebab£10.50
Small Chips£1.20
Large Chips£2.00
Small Chips And Cheese£2.00
Large Chips And Cheese£3.00
Small Curly Fries£2.00
Large Curly Fries£3.00
Small Potato Wedges£2.00
Large Potato Wedges£3.00
10pcs Onion Rings£1.80
20pcs Onion Rings£3.00
Chips In Nan Bread£1.70
Garlic Mushroom£3.50
4pcs Hash Brown£2.80
6pcs Mini Fillet£4.00
Chilli Corn Carne With Chips
Served with chips
Beef Lasagne£4.00
6pcs Jalapeno Bites£3.50
Chilli Corn Carne With Cheese And Chips£5.00
10″ Margherita£4.50
12″ Margherita£6.00
14″ Margherita£7.50
10″ Garlic Margherita£5.00
12″ Garlic Margherita£6.50
14″ Garlic Margherita£7.50
10″ Hawaiian£5.80
12″ Hawaiian£7.00
14″ Hawaiian£8.50
10″ Farmhouse£5.80
12″ Farmhouse£7.00
14″ Farmhouse£8.50
10″ Double Pepperoni£5.80
12″ Double Pepperoni£7.00
14″ Double Pepperoni£8.50
10″ Polo£5.80
12″ Polo£7.00
14″ Polo£8.50
10″ Pepperoni And Sausage£5.80
12″ Pepperoni And Sausage£7.00
14″ Pepperoni And Sausage£8.50
10″ Kentucky BBQ£7.00
12″ Kentucky BBQ£8.00
14″ Kentucky BBQ£9.50
10″ Palermo£7.00
12″ Palermo£8.50
14″ Palermo£10.00
10″ Caribbean£7.00
12″ Caribbean£8.50
14″ Caribbean£10.00
10″ Chicken And Ham Supreme£7.00
12″ Chicken And Ham Supreme£8.50
14″ Chicken And Ham Supreme£10.00
10″ Vegetarian£7.00
12″ Vegetarian£8.50
14″ Vegetarian£10.00
10″ Mighty Meat£7.00
12″ Mighty Meat£8.50
14″ Mighty Meat£10.00
10″ Mix Meat£7.00
12″ Mix Meat£8.50
14″ Mix Meat£10.00
10″ Italian Hot£7.00
12″ Italian Hot£8.50
14″ Italian Hot£10.00
10″ Mexican Hot And Spicy£7.00
12″ Mexican Hot And Spicy£8.50
14″ Mexican Hot And Spicy£10.00
10″ Tuna And Sweetcorn£7.00
12″ Tuna And Sweetcorn£8.50
14″ Tuna And Sweetcorn£10.00
10″ Donner Special£7.60
12″ Donner Special£8.80
14″ Donner Special£10.00
10″ Chicken Sultan Special£8.50
12″ Chicken Sultan Special£9.50
14″ Chicken Sultan Special£11.00
10″ Chicken Tikka Sultan Special£8.50
12″ Chicken Tikka Sultan Special£9.50
14″ Chicken Tikka Sultan Special£11.00
Kids Meals
Kids 10″ Cheese And Tomato Meal£5.00
Kids 6pcs Hot Wings Meal£5.00
Kids 6pcs Chicken Nuggets Meal£5.00
Kids Quarter Pounder Cheese Burger Meal£5.00
Kids Chicken Burger Meal£5.00
Kids Donner In Bun Meal£5.00
Quarter Pounder Plain Burger£2.50
Half Pounder Plain Burger£3.60
Quarter Pounder Cheese Burger£2.80
Half Pounder Cheese Burger£4.00
Quarter Pounder Donner In Bun£2.60
Half Pounder Donner In Bun£3.80
Quarter Pounder Mexican Burger£3.00
Half Pounder Mexican Burger£4.00
Quarter Pounder Hawaiian Burger£3.00
Half Pounder Hawaiian Burger£4.00
Quarter Pounder American Burger£3.00
Half Pounder American Burger£4.00
Quarter Pounder Chicken Burger£3.00
Half Pounder Chicken Burger£4.30
Quarter Pounder Donner Burger£3.80
Half Pounder Donner Burger£5.00
Quarter Pounder Sky Scraper Burger£4.50
Half Pounder Sky Scraper Burger£5.50
Quarter Pounder Wimpy Burger£5.50
Sultans Special Burger£6.00
Meal Deals
Sultan Pizza Offer
10″pizza with two toppings, 10″ garlic bread with cheese, chips, 10pcs onion rings, 2x Quarter pounder burger and 2x cans
Deal 1
2x 10″ pizza with two toppings, chips and 2x cans
Deal 2
2x 12″ pizza with three toppings, 10″ garlic bread with cheese, chips, coleslaw and 1.5ltr bottle of drink
Family Kebab Meal
Any 3x kebabs, donner, chicken, chicken tikka, 2x chips, salad, coleslaw and 2x cans
Half Pounder Skyscraper Burger With Chips Meal
Half pounder sky scraper burger , chips and can of drink
Chicken Twister Meal
3pcs Mini fillets on naan, chips and can of drink
Chocolate Milkshake£1.20
Banana Milkshake£1.20
Strawberry Milkshake£1.20
Tub Of Chocolate Ice Cream£2.00
Tub Of Vanilla Ice Cream£2.00
Tub Of Strawberry Ice Cream£2.00
Chocolate Fudge Cake£2.00
Strawberry Cheese Cake£2.00
Toffee Cake£2.00
Tub Of Sauces
Tub Of BBQ Sauce£0.80
Tub Of Garlic Sauce£0.80
Tub Of Mayo£0.80
Tub Of Sweet Chilli Sauce£0.80
Tub Of Mild Chilli Sauce£0.80
Tub Of Hot Chilli Sauce£0.80
Tub Of Burger Relish£0.80
Tub Of Sweetcorn Relish£0.80
Fried Chicken
8pcs Chicken Nuggets£3.00
6pcs Chicken Wings£3.00
6pcs Mini Fillets£4.00
6pcs Chicken Wings With Chips And Salad£5.50
6pcs Mini Fillet With Chips And Salad£5.50
8pcs Chicken Nuggets With Chips And Salad£5.50
Chicken Popcorn£3.00
Chicken Popcorn In Nan Wrap£3.50
Garlic Bread
10″ Plain Garlic Bread£3.00
12″ Plain Garlic Bread£4.00
14″ Plain Garlic Bread£5.90
10″ Garlic Bread With Cheese£4.00
12″ Garlic Bread With Cheese£5.80
14″ Garlic Bread With Cheese£7.50
10″ Garlic Bread With Cheese And Onion£4.50
12″ Garlic Bread With Cheese And Onion£5.80
14″ Garlic Bread With Cheese And Onion£7.80
10″ Garlic Bread With Cheese And Mushroom£4.50
12″ Garlic Bread With Cheese And Mushroom£5.80
14″ Garlic Bread With Cheese And Mushroom£7.80
10″ Garlic Bread With Cheesy And Spicy Meat£4.50
12″ Garlic Bread With Cheesy And Spicy Meat£5.80
14″ Garlic Bread With Cheesy And Spicy Meat£7.80
10″ Garlic Bread With Cheese, Spicy Meat And Chicken£4.50
12″ Garlic Bread With Cheese, Spicy Meat And Chicken£5.80
14″ Garlic Bread With Cheese, Spicy Meat And Chicken£7.80
Donner Wrap£5.00
Chicken Wrap£5.00
Lamb Wrap£5.00
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Neil Benson
As a first time customer at this establishment I am rather disappointed in the service I was provided as I ordered 4 items and only 1 was up to what I expected after ordering a 9inch gbc a chocolate milkshake a toffie cake and a 1.5 litre bottle of Coke I received a strawberry cheesecake a bottle of Fanta and a small yazoo milk shake which I paid 3 pound for with a description of this item I wouldn’t have bought it as it is only a pound at the shop but probably my mistake won’t lie tho the gbc was amazing
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Omega Wolf
Ordered on just eat and had the delivery time window but it hadn’t even left yet so I phoned up to be told that it will be another 5 minutes before the driver leaves
… more
Maddi Penny
Absolutely delicious. Had the fish and chips and they were exactly like my grandmother and mum used to make. I havent come across a takeaway before that cook real handmade homemade chips…it’s a real gem of a find. Perfect!
… more
Colin Kime
… more
Belal Yahia Mohammed Yasin
Tasty spicy
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Baros Badea
… more
Victor foulds
… more
Laurentiu Bulacu
… more
Juan Cumia
… more
Marius Grigore
… more
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