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Ray & Gerry’s – Sapori d’Italia is one of a kind: Translated as ‘Flavours of Italy’, Sapori d’Italia is a traditional Italian Cafe with a modern twist; a great place to meet friends, where you can unwind before, during, or after a long day at work. Best in class, traditional stone baked Italian pizza, home-baked pasta, grilled panini and Italian roasted meat Ciabatta, washed down with speciality Italian Barista-style coffee, alongside our delicious house speciality beverages and freshly baked patisserie. At Sapori d’Italia we have something for everyone, with vegetarian, vegan, gluten and lactose free options available. We offer dine in, collection and delivery to home or office, and cater for your events and celebrations too.

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Address & Contact

Address: 13 Halifax Rd, Dewsbury WF13 2JH
Phone Number: 07845 926803


Pizza Classico, Focaccia, Panini & Salad
Margherita Pizza Classico£8.50
Margherita Focaccia£3.00
Margherita Panini£3.50
Vegan Margherita Pizza Classico£9.00
Vegan Margherita Focaccia£3.25
Vegan Margherita Panini£3.75
Caprese Pizza Classico£9.00
Caprese Focaccia£3.50
Caprese Panini£4.00
Caprese Salad£4.00
Veganesca Pizza Classico£9.50
Veganesca Focaccia£3.50
Veganesca Panini£4.00
Veganesca Salad£4.00
Diavola Pizza Classico£10.00
Diavola Focaccia£3.75
Diavola Panini£4.50
Diavola Salad£4.50
Florentine Pizza Classico£9.50
Florentine Focaccia£3.50
Florentine Panini£4.25
Florentine Salad£4.25
Capricciosa Pizza Classico£10.00
Capricciosa Focaccia£3.75
Capricciosa Panini£4.50
Capricciosa Salad£4.50
Al Pollo Con Funghi Pizza Classico£9.50
Al Pollo Con Funghi Focaccia£3.50
Al Pollo Con Funghi Panini£4.25
Al Pollo Con Funghi Salad£4.25
Al Tonno Pizza Classico£9.50
Al Tonno Focaccia£3.50
Al Tonno Panini£4.25
Al Tonno Salad£4.25
Salmone Affumicato Pizza Classico£10.00
Salmone Affumicato Focaccia£3.75
Salmone Affumicato Panini£4.50
Salmone Affumicato Salad£4.50
Petto Di Manzo Pizza Classico£10.00
Petto Di Manzo Focaccia£3.75
Petto Di Manzo Panini£4.50
Petto Di Manzo Salad£4.50
Flavoured Syrup – Regular£0.30
Regular Espresso£1.55
Large Espresso£1.85
Regular Espresso Macchiato£1.65
Large Espresso Macchiato£1.95
Regular Cappuccino£2.10
Large Cappuccino£2.45
Regular Caffe Latte£2.10
Large Caffe Latte£2.40
Regular Caffe Mocha£2.30
Large Caffe Mocha£2.70
Regular Caffe Americano£2.00
Large Caffe Americano£2.30
Speciality Hot Drinks
Hot Tea£1.70
Herbal Tea£1.75
Regular Hot Chocolate£2.00
Large Hot Chocolate£2.30
Regular R&G’s ‘Grande’ Hot Chocolate£2.50
Large R&G’s ‘Grande’ Hot Chocolate£2.80
Iced Drinks
Very Berry Booster£2.50
Very Berry Booster With Cream£2.60
Frappe Latte£2.50
Flavoured Frappe Latte£2.80
Iced Mocha£2.40
Flavoured Iced Mocha£2.70
Flavoured Frappe Shake£2.60
R&G ‘Grande’ Iced Chocolate
Rich chocolate, whipped cream, crushed chocolate pieces, marshmallows, chocolate dusting and chocolate sauce
R&G ‘Grande’ Iced With Chocolate
Rich chocolate, whipped cream, crushed chocolate pieces, marshmallows, chocolate dusting and chocolate sauce
Anytime Offer
Any 2 Pizzas
Lunch Offer
Available from 11am to 4pm. Any Panini or Salad with a Coffee or Hot Drink
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