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Popeye's SP1 3AS

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Address & Contact

Address: 39 Estcourt Rd, Salisbury SP1 3AS
Phone Number: 01722 339933
Website: https://popeyessalisbury.co.uk/ordernow


10″ Margherita£8.50
12″ Margherita£10.00
10″ Hot & Spicy£10.00
12″ Hot & Spicy£12.00
10″ Meat Feast£10.00
12″ Meat Feast£12.00
10″ Seafood£10.00
12″ Seafood£12.00
10″ Popeye’s Special£10.00
12″ Popeye’s Special£12.00
10″ Popeye’s Bbq£10.00
12″ Popeye’s Bbq£12.00
10″ Hawaiian£10.00
12″ Hawaiian£12.00
10″ Caribbean£10.00
12″ Caribbean£12.00
10″ Ham & Mushroom£10.00
12″ Ham & Mushroom£12.00
10″ Pepperoni£10.00
12″ Pepperoni£12.00
10″ Pepperoni Delight£10.00
12″ Pepperoni Delight£12.00
10″ Pepperoni Passion£9.00
12″ Pepperoni Passion£10.50
10″ Vegetarian Supreme£10.00
12″ Vegetarian Supreme£12.00
10″ Vegetarian Hot£10.00
12″ Vegetarian Hot£12.00
10″ Mix Doner Pizza£10.00
12″ Mix Doner Pizza£12.00
10″ Chicken Feast£10.00
12″ Chicken Feast£12.00
10″ Mexican£10.00
12″ Mexican£12.00
10″ Greek£10.00
12″ Greek£12.00
Garlic Pizza Bread
Plain Garlic Pizza Bread£5.00
Supreme Garlic Pizza Bread With Cheese£6.00
Garlic Pizza Bread With Cheese & Pizza, Chilli Sauce£6.50
Garlic Pizza Bread With Chilli Sauce£6.50
Super Supreme Garlic Pizza Bread
Topped With onions and mushrooms
Mixed Shish Kebab
(Any 2 skewer kebab) (large size only)
Kebabs – Super Large Mixed Doner£9.50
Popeye’s Mixed Kebab (King Size Only)
Consisting of lamb doner, chicken doner, lamb shish and chicken shish
Popeye’s Full House Kebab
(Super king size only) consisting of lamb doner, chicken doner, kofte kebab, lamb shish and chicken shish
Kebabs – Super Large Lamb Doner£9.30
Kebabs – 1x Skewer Combination Kebab With Doner Meat
Any Skewer Kebab With Doner Meat
Kebabs – 2x Skewers Combination Kebab With Doner Meat
Any 2 Skewers Kebab With Doner Meat
Lamb Doner – Large Lamb Doner£8.30
Medium Lamb Doner£6.70
Medium Chicken Doner£6.90
Large Chicken Doner£8.90
Medium Mixed Doner£7.40
Mixed Doner – Large Mixed Doner£8.30
Medium Chicken Shish£7.40
Large Chicken Shish£9.40
Medium Lamb Shish£7.40
Large Lamb Shish£9.40
Medium Kofte Kebab£7.50
Large Kofte Kebab£9.50
Medium Veg Kebab£4.10
Large Veg Kebab£5.20
Doner Meat, Chips & Salad – Medium Doner Meat, Chips & Salad£6.50
Doner Meat, Chips & Salad – Large Doner Meat, Chips & Salad£7.50
Chicken Doner, Chips & Salad – Medium Chicken Doner, Chips & Salad£6.70
Chicken Doner, Chips & Salad – Large Chicken Doner, Chips & Salad£7.70
Mixed Donner Chips & Salad – Medium Mixed Donner Chips & Salad£7.50
Mixed Donner Chips & Salad – Large Mixed Donner Chips & Salad£8.50
Doner Meat & Spicy Potatoes – Medium Doner Meat Spicy Potatoes£6.80
Doner Meat & Spicy Potatoes – Large Doner Meat Spicy Potatoes£7.80
Large Portion Of Lamb Doner Meat£7.40
Medium Portion Of Lamb Doner Meat£6.20
Medium Portion Of Chicken Doner Meat£6.50
Large Portion Of Chicken Doner Meat£7.70
Medium Portion Of Mixed Doner Meat£6.80
Large Portion Of Mixed Doner Meat£8.00
Beef Burger – 1/4lb Beef Burger£3.90
Beef Burger – 1/2lb Beef Burger£5.10
1/2lb Super Burger 3x 1/4lb Burgers£7.00
1/2lb Giant Burger 4x 1/4lb Burgers£8.00
Burgers – 1/2lb Lamb Doner In A Bun£4.50
Burgers – 1/2lb Chicken Doner In A Bun£5.00
Vegetable Burger – 1/2lb Vegetable Burger£4.90
Vegetable Burger – 1/4lb Vegetable Burger£3.80
Mushroom Burger – 1/2lb Mushroom Burger£5.90
Mushroom Burger – 1/4lb Mushroom Burger£4.70
Hawaiian Burger – 1/2lb Hawaiian Burger£5.90
Hawaiian Burger – 1/4lb Hawaiian Burger£4.70
Mexican Burger – 1/2lb Mexican Burger£5.90
Mexican Burger – 1/4lb Mexican Burger£4.70
New Yorker Burger – 1/2lb New Yorker Burger£5.90
New Yorker Burger – 1/4lb New Yorker Burger£4.70
Bacon Burger – 1/2lb Bacon Burger£6.10
Bacon Burger – 1/4lb Bacon Burger£4.90
1/2lb Chicken Fillet Burger£6.90
1/4lb Chicken Fillet Burger£5.50
Doner Burger – 1/2lb Doner Burger£6.70
Doner Burger – 1/4lb Doner Burger£5.50
Chef Special Burger – 1/2lb Chef Special Burger£7.20
Chef Special Burger – 1/4lb Chef Special Burger£6.00
Popeye’s Special Burger With Mexican Sauce – 1/4lb Popeye’s Special Burger With Mexican Sauce£6.00
Popeye’s Special Burger With Mexican Sauce – 1/2lb Popeye’s Special Burger With Mexican Sauce£7.20
Popeye’s Special Burger With Garlic Butter – 1/4lb Popeye’s Special Burger With Garlic Butter£6.00
Popeye’s Special Burger With Garlic Butter – 1/2lb Popeye’s Special Burger With Garlic Butter£7.20
Special Chicken Fillet Burger – 1/2lb Special Chicken Fillet Burger£7.10
Special Chicken Fillet Burger – 1/4lb Special Chicken Fillet Burger£8.10
1/4lb Halloumi Burger£4.30
1/2lb Halloumi Burger£5.30
Cheese Burger – 1/4lb Cheese Burger£4.20
Cheese Burger – 1/2lb Cheese Burger£5.50
Lamb Doner Meat Wrap£6.50
Chicken Doner Meat Wrap£6.70
Mixed Doner Wrap£6.90
Chicken Fillet Strip Wrap£6.20
Veggie Wrap With Cheese And Salad£5.00
Chicken Shish Wrap£8.40
Lamb Shish Wrap£8.40
Special Chicken Fillet Strip Wrap
Chicken strips, onion rings, jalapeno peppers, cheese and bbq sauce
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken – 1 Pc Chicken£2.50
Fried Chicken – 2 Pcs Chicken£3.90
Fried Chicken – 3 Pcs Chicken£5.20
Fried Chicken – 4 Pcs Chicken£6.30
Extra Nuggets
Select how many you would like
Popeyes Fried Chicken Meal Deal – 8 Pcs Family Pack
8pcs chicken, 2x chips, spicy potatoes, portion of coleslaw or side salad and 2x dips
Popeye’s Chicken Combos – 6pcs Chicken Nuggets & Chips£5.30
Popeye’s Chicken Combos – 8pcs Chicken Nuggets & Chips£6.30
Popeye’s Chicken Combos – 6 Pcs Chicken Strips Spicy Potatoes£6.50
Popeye’s Chicken Combos – 10 Pcs Chicken Strips Spicy Potatoes£8.50
Popeye’s Chicken Combos – 6pcs Chicken Strips & Chips£5.20
Popeye’s Chicken Combos – 10pcs Chicken Strips & Chips£7.20
Jacket Potatoes
Plain Jacket Potato£3.70
Jacket Potato With Cheese£4.50
Jacket Potato With Cheese And Beans£4.90
Jacket Potato With Cheese, Tuna And Mayo£5.30
Jacket Potato With Beans£4.50
Jacket Potato With Beef Chilli£5.50
Tuna Pasta£5.80
Tuna Mayo Pasta£6.00
Ham Pasta£5.80
Mexican Pasta
Chicken, Spicy Beef and Jalapenos
Lamb Doner Pasta£6.20
Chicken Doner Pasta£6.20
Plain Pasta With Sauce£5.00
Regular Cheesy Chips With Jalapeños£4.50
Large Cheesy Chips With Jalapeños£5.50
Regular Mac N Cheese Chips£4.50
Large Mac N Cheese Chips£5.50
Large Spicy Potato Wedges£5.80
Scampi & Chips£5.50
Chips In Pitta£3.80
Chips & Salad£3.80
Onion Bhaji£3.30
Regular Chips & Cheese£3.80
Large Chips & Cheese£4.80
Regular Spicy Potato Wedges£3.80
Pitta Bread£0.80
Greek Salad
Feta, black olives, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & red onion.
Mixed Salad
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, green pepper & sweetcorn.
Small Doner Meat£4.00
Houmous Pot£1.80
Houmous Pot With 2 Pitta Breads£3.20
Tortilla Chips with beef chilli, jalapenos and cheese
10pcs Chicken Strips£5.40
8pcs Hot Chicken Wings£6.00
Regular Chips & Cheese With Beef Chilli£5.00
Large Chips & Cheese With Beef Chilli£6.00
Pot Of Sauces
Pot Of Garlic Mayo£0.60
Pot Of Chilli Sauce£0.60
Pot Of Mint Yoghurt£0.60
Pot Of Mayo£0.60
Pot Of Ketchup£0.60
Pot Of Bbq Sauce£0.60
Pot Of Burger Sauce£0.60
Pot Of Sweet Chilli Sauce£0.60
Pot Of Coleslaw£0.80
Kids Menu
Kids Menu – Kids 4pcs Fish Fingers Meal£4.60
Kids Menu – Kids 4pcs Chicken Strips Meal£4.80
Kids 1pc Chicken Meal£4.30
Kids Menu – Kids Chicken Doner Meat Meal£4.90
Kids Menu – Kids Lamb Doner Meat Meal£4.90
Kids Menu – Kids 1/4lb Cheese Burger Meal£5.50
Kids Menu – Kids 4pcs Chicken Nuggets Meal£4.60
Special Offers
Special Offers – Any 2x Large Pizzas
From the set menu
Special Offers – Any 2x Medium Pizzas
From the set menu
Special Offers – Pasta Meal Deal
Any pasta, plain or supreme garlic bread or 1x side and can of drink
Special Offers – Pizza Meal Deal
Any Medium Pizza, 1x Side and Can Of Drink
Special Offers – Sharing Meal Deal
Any 2x Large Pizzas, 3x Sides, Big Bottle of Drink
Popeyes Mix Deal
Any Large Pizza, Any Pasta, 2x Sides and 1x Ben and Jerry Ice Cream.
Special Offers – Adult Cheese Burger Meal Deal
1/4lb Cheese Burger, chips and drink
Special Offers – Adult Chicken Fillet Burger Meal Deal
1/4lb Chicken Fillet Burger, chips and drink
Cans – Coke Can£1.20
Cans – Diet Coke Can£1.20
Cans – Rio Can£1.20
Cans – Pepsi Can£1.20
Cans – Dr Pepper Can£1.20
Cans – Fanta Orange Can£1.20
Cans – 7Up Can£1.20
Cans – Bottle Of Water£1.20
Cans – Orange Fruit Shoot£1.20
Cans – Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Shoot£1.20
Cans – Apple Tango£1.20
Cans – Monster 500ml£1.49
Bottles – 1.5ltr Coke Bottle£2.70
Bottles – 1.5ltr Diet Coke Bottle£2.70
Bottles – 1.5ltr Pepsi Bottle£2.70
Bottles – 1.5ltr Fanta Orange Bottle£2.70
Bottles – 1.5ltr 7up Bottle£2.70
Chocolate Fudge Cake£3.00
Apple Pie£2.50
500ml Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream
Ask for available flavours
Cheese Cake£3.00
Sides – Popeyes Side Salad
Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion and coleslaw
Sides – Regular Chips£2.80
Sides – Large Chips£3.80
Sides – 6pcs Chicken Strips£4.00
Sides – 6pcs Hot Chicken Wings£4.50
Jalapeno Cream Cheese£4.20
Mozzarella Sticks (7 Pieces)£4.20
Sides – Garlic Mushrooms£3.80
Sides – Onion Rings£3.30
Portion Of Coleslaw£2.80
Portion Of Chilli Peppers£2.50
Pot Of Beans£0.90
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Leeno Smith
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Ioana-Maria Budeanu
The best cheese chips and mozzarella sticks ❗❗❗❤❤❤Highly recommended. ❤❤❤
… more
Paul Russell
We usually go to the Charcoal Grill which is expensive but very good but had been in the Wyndham Arms so went here, what a mistake. The quality of the food was very poor. They have obviously chosen the cheapest possible ingredients and the taste and quality is just not good. We will not be going back.
… more
Lorraine Morris
Kept very clean , at all times…
… more
Patricia Jackson
… more
Steve Norris
I usually go to one of the kebab shops in town, but on this occasion I couldn’t be arsed to drive that far so went to this one, which is closer.
… more
Ben Hanks
I waited nearly 2 hours for a burger meal and a Ben and jerrys would not recommend
… more
lovely chaps working there, food is top notch and price is unbeatable for sals area
… more
Nick Stockwell
So popeyes has now changed hands. This was the best kebab shop in Salisbury. I’m sorry to say, but things missing from delivery and still expecting me to pay for it without receiving it and also late delivery time at 1130pm. Had enough, time to stop buying from here!
… more
Hesham Kisher
Popeyes has always been an old classic in my household.
… more
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