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Address: 21 Bacup Rd, Rossendale BB4 7NG
Phone Number: 01706 219025


Chicken Garlic
Chicken in garlic butter
Chicken Chat
Barbecued chicken and chi peas cooked in spice, herbs and tresh lemon juice
Chicken Pakora
Spiced chicken deep fried in batter, with a medum sauce. coriander and herbs
Chicken Tandoori
On the bone W chicken marinated and barbecued
Chicken Tikka
Chicken marinated and barbecued
Lamb Chops
Lamb cutiet marinated in yoghurt skewered and tandooried
Mixed Kebab
Shish and tikka somosa, onion bhaji
A combination of chicken tikka and king prawn, cooked with coriander and onion spices, then deep tried in a crispy roll
Lamb Tikka
Lamb marinated and barbecued
Stuffed Mushroom
Deep fried stuffed with minced meat
Shami Kebab
Minced meat croquettes and grilled
Reshme Kebab
Similar to shami with scrambied egg
Shish Kebab
Minced meat skevwered and tandooried
Meat Somosa
Deep tried meat pastries
King Prawn Puree
Deep tried unleavened bread with king prawn stutting
King Prawn Chat
King Prawn and chic peas cooked in spice, herbs and fresh lemon juice
King Prawn Tikka
King Prawn marinated and barbecued
King Prawn Garlic
King Prawn in garlic and butter
King Prawn Butterfly
King Prawn deep fried in breadcnumbs
Prawn Puree
Deep fried unieavened bread with prawn stuffing
Prawn Cocktail£3.95
Battered and deep fried
Aloo Chat
Herbs and spices cooked in fresh lermon juce served on soft unleavened bread
Mushroom Chat
Herbs and spices cooked in hesh lernon juice, served on soft unleaveried bread
Onion Bhaji
Deep hied spiced onion bals
Vegetable Somosa
Deep fried vegetable pastries
Vegetable Stuffed Mushroom
Deep fried vegetable mushroom
Lenti soup gamnished with lemon. hot or medium
Tomato Soup£3.50
Melon Fruit£3.95
Chefs Speciality Starters
Bombay Machon
Spicy fillet of fish with aromatic herbs in a savoury sauce
Bombay Salmon
Spicy fillet of fish with aromatic herbs in a savoury sauce
King Prawn Goa
King prawn stir-tried with conander, mustard oil seeds and a touch of lemon juice
Jhinga Jhal
Jumbo king prawn delicately spiced and barbecued (managers recommendation)
Chicken Goa
Succulent chicken str-tried with corander, mustard oil seeds and a touch of lemon juice.
Lamb Goa
Succulent lamb stir-tried with coriander, mustard of seeds and a touch of leman juice
Raj Specials
Fillet Steak Massala
Cooked in delicately spicy sauce with fresh peppers and paprika
Jhinga Jhal
Jumbo king prawn delicately spiced and barbecued (managers recommendation)
Salmon Jal
Cooked delicately in a delicious spicy sauce (for a savoury palette)
King Prawn Goa
King prawn stir-tried with corander, mustard oil seeds and a touch of lemon juice
Lamb Nihari
Tender spring lamb cooked in a spicy sauce (for a savoury palette) Medium Hot
Lamb Goa
Succulent lamb str-fried with conander, mustard oil seeds and a touch of lemon juice
Bahari Chicken
Cooked in garlic, coriander, green peppers and onion MedHot
Chicken Achari Delight
Diced spring chicken in batter, cooked in a medium creamy sauce with coriander and green peppers
Chcken Goa
Succulent chicken stir-fried with conander. mustard oil seeds and a touch of lemon juice
Jahangiri Karai Chicken
Spring chicken cooked with green peppers, tomato and coriander – for a savoury palate (fairly hot)
Rajshahi Biriani
Spring chicken cooked with cashew nuts and sultanas with a medium sauce
Nila Specialities
King Prawn Shirazi
King prawn blended with fresh conander and lemon juice and cooked in a spicy sauce to Nilas own recipe
Hot spiced king prawn prepared on shell with saftron parlic onion and conander
King Prawn Shahee
Spiced king pravwn cooked with minced meat
Lamb Rezala
Tender lamb cutet blended with fresh conander and lemon juce and cooked in a spicy sauce to Nilas own recipe
Saag Gost
Lamb cooked with spinach, coriander and other aromatic herbs
Chicken Shirazi
Chicken and mushrooms blended with tresh conander and lemon juice and cooked in a spicy sauce to Nilas own recipe
Chicken Tikka Shahee
Spiced tkka cooked with minced meat
Muglai Chicken
Cooked with nuts, eggs. lychees, seasonng and yogurt
Kasmiri Chicken
Prepared with peaches and bananas
Saag Chicken
Chicken cooked with spinach, coriander and other aromatic herbs
Tandoori Specialities
King Prawn Tikka
King prawn marinated in yoghurt sauce roasted in clay oven
Tandoori Mixed Kebab
Muture of tandoori tikka, king prawn and sheek keoab
Tandoori Shashlik
Tandoori marinated in yoghurt cooked in green peppers and onions
Lamb Tikka
lamb marinated in yogrurt seuce, roasted in clay over
Chicken Tandoori
Chcken marinated n yoghurt sauce, roasted in clay oven
Chicken Tkka
Off the bone, marinated in yoghurt sauce. roasted in cay oven
Sheek Kebab
Spiced minced lamb, onions and green chilli barbecued
Massala Dishes
King Prawn Tikka Massala
King prawn barbecued into a rich massala dish with cream
King Prawn Passanda
King prwn barbecued cooked with red wine sauce
King Prawn Chili Massala
King Prawn barbecued in a hot creamy sauce with fresh chilies and conander
Lamb Passanda
Lamb barbecued cooked with red wine sauce
Lamb Tikka Massala
Lamb barbecued into a rich massala dish wth cream
Lamb Chili Massala
Lamb barbecued in a hot creamy sauce with fresh chlles and conander
Chicken Chili Massala
Chicken barbecued in a hot creamy sauce with tresh chilles and coriander
Chicken Tikka Massala
Chicken barbecued into a rich massala dish with cream
Chicken Passanda
Chicken barbecued cooked with red wine sauce
Traditional Dishes
Briyani Dishes – King Prawn Briyani£14.50
Briyani Dishes – Meat Briyani£10.50
Briyani Dishes – Lamb Briyani£10.50
Briyani Dishes – Mixed Briyani£10.50
Briyani Dishes – Tikka Briyani£10.50
Briyani Dishes – Chicken Briyani£9.95
Briyani Dishes – Prawn Briyani£9.95
Briyani Dishes – Vegetable Briyani£9.95
Dhansak Dishes – King Prawn Dhansak£13.45
Dhansak Dishes – Meat Dhansak£9.45
Dhansak Dishes – Lamb Dhansak£9.45
Dhansak Dishes – Mixed Dhansak£9.45
Dhansak Dishes – Tikka Dhansak£9.45
Dhansak Dishes – Chicken Dhansak£8.95
Dhansak Dishes – Prawn Dhansak£8.95
Dhansak Dishes – Vegetable Dhansak£8.95
Balti Dishes – King Prawn Balti£13.45
Balti Dishes – Meat Balti£9.45
Balti Dishes – Lamb Balti£9.45
Balti Dishes – Mixed Balti£9.45
Balti Dishes – Tikka Balti£9.45
Balti Dishes – Chicken Balti£8.95
Balti Dishes – Prawn Balti£8.95
Balti Dishes – Vegetable Balti£8.95
Dupiaza Dishes – King Prawn Dupiaza£13.45
Dupiaza Dishes – Meat Dupiaza£9.45
Dupiaza Dishes – Lamb Dupiaza£9.45
Dupiaza Dishes – Mixed Dupiaza£9.45
Dupiaza Dishes – Tikka Dupiaza£9.45
Dupiaza Dishes – Chicken Dupiaza£8.95
Dupiaza Dishes – Prawn Dupiaza£8.95
Dupiaza Dishes – Vegetable Dupiaza£8.95
Bhuna Dishes – King Prawn Bhuna£13.45
Bhuna Dishes – Meat Bhuna£9.45
Bhuna Dishes – Lamb Bhuna£9.45
Bhuna Dishes – Mixed Bhuna£9.45
Bhuna Dishes – Tikka Bhuna£9.45
Bhuna Dishes – Chicken Bhuna£8.95
Bhuna Dishes – Prawn Bhuna£8.95
Bhuna Dishes – Vegetable Bhuna£8.95
Samber Dishes – King Prawn Samber£13.45
Samber Dishes – Meat Samber£9.45
Samber Dishes – Lamb Samber£9.45
Samber Dishes – Mixed Samber£9.45
Samber Dishes – Tikka Samber£9.45
Samber Dishes – Chicken Samber£8.95
Samber Dishes – Prawn Samber£8.95
Samber Dishes – Vegetable Samber£8.95
Rogan Josh Dishes – King Prawn Rogan Josh£13.45
Rogan Josh Dishes – Meat Rogan Josh£9.45
Rogan Josh Dishes – Lamb Rogan Josh£9.45
Rogan Josh Dishes – Mixed Rogan Josh£9.45
Rogan Josh Dishes – Tikka Rogan Josh£9.45
Rogan Josh Dishes – Chicken Rogan Josh£8.95
Rogan Josh Dishes – Prawn Rogan Josh£8.95
Rogan Josh Dishes – Vegetable Rogan Josh£8.95
Jalfrezi Dishes – King Prawn Jalfrezi£13.45
Jalfrezi Dishes – Meat Jalfrezi£9.45
Jalfrezi Dishes – Lamb Jalfrezi£9.45
Jalfrezi Dishes – Mixed Jalfrezi£9.45
Jalfrezi Dishes – Tikka Jalfrezi£9.45
Jalfrezi Dishes – Chicken Jalfrezi£8.95
Jalfrezi Dishes – Prawn Jalfrezi£8.95
Jalfrezi Dishes – Vegetable Jalfrezi£8.95
Madras Dishes – King Prawn Madras£13.45
Madras Dishes – Meat Madras£9.45
Madras Dishes – Lamb Madras£9.45
Madras Dishes – Mixed Madras£9.45
Madras Dishes – Tikka Madras£9.45
Madras Dishes – Chicken Madras£8.95
Madras Dishes – Prawn Madras£8.95
Madras Dishes – Vegetable Madras£8.95
Vindaloo Dishes – King Prawn Vindaloo£13.45
Vindaloo Dishes – Meat Vindaloo£9.45
Vindaloo Dishes – Lamb Vindaloo£9.45
Vindaloo Dishes – Mixed Vindaloo£9.45
Vindaloo Dishes – Tikka Vindaloo£9.45
Vindaloo Dishes – Chicken Vindaloo£8.95
Vindaloo Dishes – Prawn Vindaloo£8.95
Vindaloo Dishes – Vegetable Vindaloo£8.95
Korma Dishes – King Prawn Korma£13.45
Korma Dishes – Meat Korma£9.45
Korma Dishes – Lamb Korma£9.45
Korma Dishes – Mixed Korma£9.45
Korma Dishes – Tikka Korma£9.45
Korma Dishes – Chicken Korma£8.95
Korma Dishes – Prawn Korma£8.95
Korma Dishes – Vegetable Korma£8.95
Karai Dishes – King Prawn Karai£13.45
Karai Dishes – Meat Karai£9.45
Karai Dishes – Lamb Karai£9.45
Karai Dishes – Mixed Karai£9.45
Karai Dishes – Tikka Karai£9.45
Karai Dishes – Chicken Karai£8.95
Karai Dishes – Prawn Karai£8.95
Karai Dishes – Vegetable Karai£8.95
English Dishes
Children Dishes£5.50
Fresh Vegetable Side Dishes
Matar Paneer
Chick peas cooked in cheese, herbs & spices
Sag Paneer
Spinach with cheese & herbs
Mushroom Bhaji
Mushroom in spices, tomato & herbs
Tarka Dhall
Lentil garnished with garlic
Aloo Gobi
Potato and cauliflower with herbs & spices
Bombay Aloo
Potato with herbs, spices & tomato
Cauliflower Bhaji
Caulitlower in spices, tomato & herbs
Sag Bhaji
Spinach in spices, tomato & herbs
Mixed Vegetable Bhaji
Mixed vegetables in spices, tomato & herbs
Chana Bhaji
Chic peas in spices, tomato & herbs
Bindi Bhaji
Okra in spices, tomato & herbs
Vegetable Rice£3.95
Keema Pilau Rice£3.95
Special Fried Rice£3.95
Mushroom Pilau£3.95
Onion And Garlic Rice£3.95
Saag Rice£3.95
Coconut Rice£3.95
Basmati Rice£3.25
Pickle & Chutney£2.95
Boiled Rice£2.45
Keema Paratha
Minced meat thick crispy bread
Vegetable Paratha
Vegetable thick crispy bread
Thick chapati coated with butter & slighty crispy bread
Keema Naan
Minced meat stuffed bread
Parchain Naan
Coconut & sultanas stuffed bread.
Garlic Naan
Garlic stuffed bread
Special Bombay Bread
Stuffed with cheese and chilli (spicy)
Plain Naan
Leavened bread
Deep fried unleavened bread
Soft unleavened bread
Spiced Papadum
Spiced Indian crisp
Papadums And Chutneys
Chutney Tray£2.50
Spiced Papdum£1.20
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Angie O
… more
Another shocking experience not to be repeated, food has turned up for the second time garbage slop Chicken tikka jalfrezi like spicey soup with chicken in no taste just like powdered sauce ! chicken chat taste of chemicals chick peas like bullets puri bread like a poppadum, Lamb dopiaza tastes like a karahi too much cinnamon never had it in a dopiaza before lol naan bread burnt i have no clue who is cooking the food there but they can not cook full stop Weird thing is i know your capable of cooking a decent curry but your standards have dropped and you have lost our custom now, £43.00 in the bin !
… more
Priscilla McHugh
Had a fantastic takeaway last night!! Not being the best cook and entertaining friends, was an excellent choice. Food was ready exactly when confirmed, with a few beers thrown in and a discount!! Food was hot and don’t think anyone was disappointed with their choice and very little left over (always a good sign)
… more
… more
Garry Selby
Nila ,what can I say food is superb the service is always first class ,the staff make you feel special and that’s every one .
… more
Salma Pillitteri
The best Indian restaurant I’ve had so far. We had the lamb, chicken tandoori, samosa, kebab and everything was just perfect. The lamb was just superb don’t miss it you won’t regret, so tender and tasty. Thanx to the warm welcoming and looking after us be back very soon
… more
Lee Fuller
Great food at fair prices, staff attentive but in no way overbearing. Recommended
… more
Catherine Thompson
Excellent food and friendly helpful staff , couldn’t do enough for you . Shofik always makes you feel comfortable and like a friend.
… more
Waheedul Haque
Great place as soon as you walk in you are welcomed and seated, decor is very nice and i must say i was amazed by how big this place actually is, from outside you really can’t tell, the staff are all friendly, the owner is very nice humble man, makes sure you have a great night, takes good care of everyone, the food portions are very big and tasty, will be coming here more often. Keep up the good work
… more
Katarzyna Thorp
It was my first visit to this restaurant with our friends. On arrival we were welcomed by staff member and offered drinks while our table was being prepared. Very quickly we were sat at the table. Food came reletavly quickly and it was full of flavour and we’ll presented. I had issue with my started but it was sorted straight away with excellent attitude and interest. Very good value for money and very good staff. We will go back
… more
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