Daniel’s Chinese Takeaway

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Daniel’s Chinese Takeaway PA5 8SG

✔️ Takeaway ✔️ Delivery ✔️ No dine-in



Address & Contact

Address: 64 High St, Johnstone PA5 8SG
Phone Number: 01505 321518
Website: http://www.danielsjohnstone.co.uk/


Snack Box
Fried Rice & Sauce£3.30
Chips & Sauce£3.30
Fried Rice & Chips & Sauce
Boiled Rice & Chips & Sauce
Chips & Cheese
Chicken Wings & Chips & Sauce£5.10
Chips With Cheese & Sauce
Noodles & Rice & Sauce
Noodles & Chips & Sauce
Noodles & Sauce
Munchie Box
Munchie Box For One
Mini vegetable spring rolls, chicken bites, onion rings, spare ribs & chips
Munchie Box
Mini vegetable spring rolls, chicken wings, onion rings, spare ribs, chips, curry sauce, prawn crackers
Meal Deals
One Course Meal Deal 1£6.00
Two Course Meal Deal 1£7.00
Homemade Aromatic Crispy Duck
With vegetables, 10 panckakes & sauce
Mixed Starters
Chicken on toast, curry & vegetable rolls, crispy tun & BBQ ribs
Homemade Crispy Wun Tun£5.50
King Prawn Balls£4.50
Chicken Balls£3.60
Chicken Nuggets£3.60
(H) Fried Mushrooms With Garlic Butter Salt£4.30
Sesame King Prawn On Toast
2 Pcs
Sesame Chicken On Toast
2 Pcs
With Black Bean Sauce or Garlic & Chilli Sauce
Pancake Roll£1.90
(V) Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls
12 Pcs
(V) (H) Vegetable Curry Samosas
10 Pcs
Prawn Coctail£3.60
(H) Satay Chicken On Skewers£4.30
(H) Satay Beef On Skewers£4.30
(H) Satay King Prawns On Skewers£4.80
(H) Chicken Wings With Chilli & Salt£3.60
Chicken Wings
With Honey, Thai Style or Peking Style
Crispy Chicken Wings£4.30
Spare Ribs£4.70
Spare Ribs Peking Style£4.70
Spare Ribs With Sauce£4.70
(H) Hot & Sour Soup£3.40
Chicken & Noodle Soup£3.10
Chicken & Mushroom Soup£3.10
Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup£3.10
Wun Tun Soup£3.70
Chilli & Salt Dishes
(H) Chilli & Salt Shredded Chicken£5.00
(H) Chilli & Salt Chicken£5.00
(H) Chilli & Salt Beef£5.10
(H) Chilli & Salt King Prawns£6.30
(H) Chilli & Salt Chicken Balls£4.30
(H) Chilli & Salt Onion Rings£3.30
(H) (V) Chilli & Salt Mini Veg Spring Rolls£4.80
Curry Dishes
(H) Special Curry£5.80
(H) King Prawn Curry£5.80
(H) Roast Duck Curry£5.80
(H) Chicken Breast Curry£5.00
(H) Chicken Curry£4.80
(H) Beef Curry£5.00
(H) Char Siu Curry£5.00
(H) Mushroom Curry£4.80
(H) Chicken & Beef Curry£5.50
(V) (H) Vegetable Curry£4.80
Sweet & Sour Dishes
Chicken Balls£5.10
King Prawn Balls£6.00
Chicken Cantonese Style£5.10
King Prawns Cantonese Style£5.90
Kung Po Dishes
(H) Kung Po Special£5.80
(H) Kung Po Prawns£5.80
(H) Kung Po Beef£5.30
(H) Kung Po Chicken£5.30
(H) Kung Po Char Siu£5.30
Satay Dishes
(H) King Prawn Satay£6.00
(H) Special Satay£6.00
(H) Chicken Satay£5.30
(H) Beef Satay£5.50
(H) (V) Mixed Vegetable Satay£5.30
(H) King Prawn Satay Skewers£6.20
(H) Special Satay Skewers£6.20
(H) Chicken Satay Skewers£5.50
(H) Beef Satay Skewers£5.70
Chicken Dishes
(H) Shredded Chicken With Sweet Chilli Sauce£4.90
(H) Shredded Chicken With Chilli & Salt£4.90
Shredded Chicken With Black Pepper Sauce£4.90
Roast Chicken Breast Chinese Style
With beansprouts
Chicken With Black Pepper Sauce£4.90
Chicken With Cashew Nuts£4.90
Chicken With Green Pepper In Black Bean Sauce£5.20
Chicken With Mushrooms In Black Bean Sauce£4.90
Chicken With Mushrooms£4.90
Chicken With Pineapple£4.90
Chicken Chop Suey£4.90
Chicken Peking Style£4.90
(H) Chicken Szechuan Style£4.90
King Prawn Dishes
King Prawns With Cashew Nuts£6.30
King Prawns With Mushrooms In Black Bean Sauce£5.90
King Prawns With Green Pepper In Black Bean Sauce£5.90
King Prawns With Mushrooms£5.90
(H) Fried King Prawns With Sweet Chilli Sauce£6.00
Fried King Prawns With Black Pepper Sauce£5.90
King Prawns With Black Pepper Sauce£5.90
King Prawns Chop Suey£5.90
King Prawns Peking Style£5.90
(H) King Prawns Szechuan Style£5.90
Duck Dishes
Duck Chinese Style£5.90
Duck With Cashew Nuts£6.30
Duck With Green Pepper In Black Bean Sauce£5.90
Duck With Mushrooms In Black Bean Sauce£5.90
Duck With Mushrooms£5.90
Duck Chop Suey£5.90
Duck Peking Style£5.90
(H) Duck Szechuan Style£5.90
Char Siu Dishes
Char Siu Chinese Style£5.30
Char Siu With Cashew Nuts£5.30
Char Siu With Green Pepper In Black Bean Sauce£5.30
Char Siu With Mushroos In Black Bean Sauce£5.30
Char Siu With Mushrooms£5.30
Char Siu Chop Suey£5.30
Char Siu Peking Style£5.30
(H) Char Siu Szechuan Style£5.30
Beef Dishes
Beef With Cashew Nuts£5.30
Beef With Green Pepper In Black Bean Sauce£5.30
Beef With Mushrooms In Black Bean Sauce£5.30
Beef With Black Pepper Sauce£5.30
Beef With Mushrooms£5.30
Beef WithTomatoes£5.30
Beef With Chop Suey£5.00
Beef Peking Style£5.00
(H) Beef Szechuan Style£5.00
Hot & Spicy Rice Noodle Dishes
(H) Special Rice Noodles£7.50
(H) King Prawn Rice Noodles£7.70
(H) Chicken Breast Rice Noodles£6.70
(H) Chicken Rice Noodles£6.50
(H) Singapore Rice Noodles
Char siu, prawns, ham & vegetables
(H) Mixed Vegetable Rice Noodles£6.50
Dry Chow Mein Dishes
Special Chow Mein£7.50
King Prawn Chow Mein£7.60
Chicken Breast Chow Mein£6.60
Chicken Chow Mein£6.40
Beef Chow Mein£6.50
(H) Sinagapore Chow Mein£6.70
Char Siu Chow Mein£6.50
(V) Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein£6.40
Mushroom Chow Mein£6.40
Fried Rice Dishes
Special Fried Rice£7.10
King Prawn Fried Rice£7.10
Ham Fried Rice£6.10
Shrimp Fried Rice£6.20
Beef Fried Rice£6.10
Chicken & Char Siu Fried Rice£6.30
Chicken & Ham Fried Rice£6.30
Chicken Breast Fried Rice£6.30
(H) Singapore Fried Rice£6.30
Char Siu Fried Rice£6.20
Chicken Fried Rice£6.10
(H) Bangkok Chicken Fried Rice£6.70
(H) Bangkok Beef Fried Rice£6.90
(H) Bangkok King Prawn Fried Rice£7.40
(H) Bangkok Special Fried Rice£7.40
European Dishes
Roast Chicken Breast With Gravy Sauce
Chips included
Chicken Maryland
Chips included
Special Omlette
Chips included
Spanish Omlette
Chips included
King Prawn Omlette
Chips included
Chicken Omlette
Chips included
Ham Omlette
Chips included
Mushroom Omlette
Chips included
Plain Omlette
Chips included
Cheese Omlette
Chips included
Foo Yung Dishes
Special Foo Yung£5.70
King Prawn Foo Yung£5.70
Chicken Foo Yung£4.70
Mushroom Foo Yung£4.70
Onion Foo Yung£4.70
Salads (Chips Included)
King Prawn Salad
Chips included
Chicken Breast Salad
Chips included
Ham Salad
Chips included
Plain Salad
Chips included
Side Dishes
Egg Fried Rice£2.30
Boiled Rice£2.20
Plain Chow Mein
With beansprouts
Prawn Crackers£1.50
Onion Rings£1.90
Fried Onions£2.30
(H) Chilli & Salt Chips£3.60
(V) Mixed Vegetables£3.10
Banana Fritters£2.60
Pineapple Fritters£2.60
Curry Sauce£1.20
Gravy Sauce£1.20
BBQ Sauce£1.20
Sweet & Sour Sauce£1.20
Satay Sauce£1.20
Thai Sauce£1.20
Black Pepper Sauce£1.20
0.33L or 1.25L
Diet Coca-Cola
0.33L or 1.25L
Irn Bru (1)
0.33L or 2L
Irn Bru (2)
0.33L or 2L
Diet Irn Bru
0.33L or 2L
0.33L or 2L
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Tried Daniel’s for the first time tonight. Had bbq ribs, sauce was lovely and not swimming in grease. Very tasty. Pineapple fritters were lovely too, will definitely use them again, bit forgot to ask if they take care payments (a couple in Johnstone don’t, which is frustrating). Lovely friendly guys too
… more
gary stewart
Almost 3hrs delivery. (1hr late). Arrived cold. Had to reheat. Not much flavour, we only ate around half of it. I was expecting it to be late because it was popular therefore tasted good. I have no idea why it took so long. 1st time customer and last.
… more
Mark Allison
… more
Garry Forbes
First time I’ve ordered from here since lockdown. Food has gone way downhill, total nightmare placing an online order (eventually had to phone a company in Leeds to get it sorted), arrived eventually with drinks missing from order. Was too stressed to eat much of it by the time it got all sorted. My son said he enjoyed it and there was plenty of it so maybe a one off bad experience ‍♂️
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Iain McVie
My son ordered food at 18.45. Food arrived at 20.50.
… more
Anne Kennedy
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John McCallum
Sorry Daniels, your food is disgusting. Chips looked like they had been cooked 3 weeks ago then re-cooked and placed with my order. Curry was very watery and egg fried rice was stodgy and tasted very odd. We most definitely WONT be ordering again.
… more
L Fellow
Delivery times are absolutely abysmal. 2 or 3 times I have ordered from here and had to wait in excess of 2 hours or more for a very basic (2 item) order.
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Aqeel Butt
Ordered vegetable chowmein. More oil than vegetables and the container was half empty and got charged nearly 7 quid for it.Probably the worst Chinese takeaway I’ve ever been to.
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Chris Adamboyd
Chips ok noodles very nice ribs sparse prawn balls mainly batter did not enjoy at all sorry. only used because our normal one closed Will only use again if desperate
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