Burrow Farm at Courtneys

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Burrow Farm at Courtneys EX4 1AL

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Address: 30 Cowick St, St Thomas, Exeter EX4 1AL
Phone Number: 01392 271066
Website: https://burrowfarm.com/

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… the farm is situated on the National Trust’s Killerton Estate and is a working mixed beef and arable farm. Copyright Burrow Farm Devon.

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it without you! At the farm, Sally will continue making pasties for the shop and will also continue with the local farmers

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We stock a wide range of fresh local meat including our own award winning Red Ruby Devon beef, local pork, lamb and chicken. Our experienced butchers make …


aunty greg
Best streaky bacon in town, try their lamb steaks, 12 mins in a hot oven and they’re absolutely heavenly. the doggos adore the special mince they do at a great price, and the pasties are delicious. the only gripe is that their whole chicken are rather expensive, but overall a million times better than the prepackaged tasteless pap that masquerades as supermarket meat.!!
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Graham Harbottle
Not impressed with this purchase, Bought 2.2 kg of what was meant to be trimmed brisket and 0.5 kg each of pork shoulder and pork belly. total weight 3.2 kg. This was to make sausage that requires no more than 30% pork fat. Photo shows what I ended up with. the brisket when unrolled was dog meat. Never again. 1.5 kg of sausage cost me £32. Disgusting.
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katie hawken
Minding my own business putting my shopping in the boot, when I notice the van reversing towards me. He got so close I had to bang on the back of the van to stop him. To make matters worse he shouted at me like it was my fault and beeped his horn making a scene as he left. He was then seen driving erratic out of the car park. The car waiting for him to pull out stopped and helped me as I was upset by what had happened. I was going to call Burrow but figured it would only trigger unnecessary stress
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Philip Collins
Great butcher with fabulous meat, pasties, honey, sauces, eggs and some veggies.
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D Pedersen
Delicious meat (mostly from a local farm), great service, and a small but good selection of other farm produce (veg, honey, and more). Get there early on a Saturday especially, because they are often sold out by afternoon.
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Dan Titchmarsh
Lovely butchers, their sausages are spot on. Everything we have had from there has been good quality and great tasting.
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David Sercombe
Just about to order our Christmas Turkey, I’ve been enjoying lovely turkeys at Christmas from Burrows Farm. Courtney’s from 20 years.YumThey have always been called Clive.Does yours have name.
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Brendan Langdon
Beef mince is not up to a grate standard
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Barbara Shih
Do you have bone marrow?
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john hall
Yet another piece of chewy, tasteless meat from these people. This shop has really gone downhill!I always try to support my local shops, but this has gone beyond a joke!Will never buy anything from these ‘butchers’ again. Be warned!
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