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Welcome to Altafs Balti! Located at Tolladine Road, Worcester, WR4 9QH. Altafs Balti is an award winning, fully licensed restaurant that serves the highest standard of Indian Cuisine in Worcestershire. We are proud to have an elegant dining area with a contemporary style. All of our food is cooked to order using the finest spices and ingredients. The restaurant’s atmosphere is friendly and lively, so we are sure that you will have a wonderful and unique dining experience at Altafs Balti! If you would rather enjoy great Indian food in the comfort of your own home, Altafs Balti offers an Indian Takeaway and delivery service in and around the Worcester area.

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Address & Contact

Address: 166 Tolladine Rd, Worcester WR4 9QH
Phone Number: 01905 24000


Plain Papadoms£0.70
Spicy Papadoms£0.70
Chutneys – Red Onion Chutney£0.70
Chutneys – Chilli Sauce Chutney£0.70
Chutneys – Sweet Mango Chutney£0.70
Chutneys – Mint Sauce Chutney£0.70
Tandoori Mixed Kebab£5.50
Lamb Chops£5.00
Masala Fish
Prawn Puri£4.50
King Prawn Butterfly£4.25
Chicken Tikka£3.60
Chicken Chaat£3.50
Nargis Kebab£3.50
Chicken Puri£3.50
Lamb Tikka£3.40
2x Seekh Kebab£3.15
Chicken Pokara£3.10
Mushroom Pakora
3x Onion Bhaji
Channa Chaat
Tandoori Chicken£3.00
Prawn Cocktail£2.95
Aloo Puri
Channa Puri
3x Meat Samosa£2.95
Garlic Mushroom
3x Vegetable Samosa
Tandoori Grill Dishes
Tandoori King Prawn£10.80
Mixed Special Grill
Seekh kebab, lamb tikka, chicken tikka and tandoori chicken
Masala Fish With Naan
Fresh Cod fillet marinated in traditional herbs and spices
Masala Fish With Fries
Fresh Cod fillet marinated in traditional herbs and spices
Chicken Shashlick£7.50
Lamb Tikka£6.70
Chicken Tikka£6.50
Half Tandoori Chicken£5.65
Balti House Specials
Tropical Balti
Tandoori chicken and mince meat cooked in medium spices, thick sauce
Morgi Masala
Tandoori chicken and mince meat cooked in medium spices, thick sauce
Keema Balti
Minced meat cooked with spices, ginger, onion and herbs
Punjab Balti
Hot. Meat cooked with green chilli, garlic, herbs and spices
Meat Kofta
Minced meat balls, stuffed with coriander, ginger, onion and served in an authentic curry sauce
Chicken Tikka Chef Special
Chicken tikka cooked in a mild creamy sauce combined with methi, onion and coconut cream.
Lamb Tikka Chef Special
Lamb tikka cooked in a mild creamy sauce combined with methi, onion and coconut cream.
Chicken Makhan£8.75
Meat Makhan£8.75
Chicken Pasanda£8.75
Meat Pasanda£8.75
Chicken Garlic Butter£8.75
Meat Garlic Butter£8.75
Chicken Mushroom Balti£8.75
Meat Mushroom Balti£8.75
Chicken Achari£8.75
Meat Achari£8.75
Chicken Shahi£8.75
Meat Shahi£8.75
Chicken Kashmiri£8.75
Meat Kashmiri£8.75
Chicken Tikka Lahore£8.75
Lamb Tikka Lahore£8.75
Chicken Garlic Chilli Masala£8.75
Meat Garlic Chilli Masala£8.75
Chicken Jalapeno Balti£8.75
Meat Jalapeno Balti£8.75
Chicken Ginger£8.75
Meat Ginger£8.75
Chefs Desi Handi Of The Day
Desi Meat Handi£8.95
Desi Chicken Handi£8.95
Desi Keema Handi
Mince meat
Traditional Balti Dishes
King Prawn Korma£11.99
Prawn Korma£8.45
Lamb Tikka Korma£8.45
Meat Korma£8.25
Chicken Tikka Korma£8.25
Chicken Korma£7.95
Vegetable Korma£6.95
King Prawn Balti£11.99
Prawn Balti£8.45
Lamb Tikka Balti£8.45
Meat Balti£8.25
Chicken Tikka Balti£8.25
Chicken Balti£7.95
Vegetable Balti£6.95
King Prawn Rogan£11.99
Prawn Rogan£8.45
Lamb Tikka Rogan£8.45
Meat Rogan£8.25
Chicken Tikka Rogan£8.25
Chicken Rogan£7.95
Vegetable Rogan£6.95
King Prawn Bhuna£11.99
Prawn Bhuna£8.45
Lamb Tikka Bhuna£8.45
Meat Bhuna£8.25
Chicken Tikka Bhuna£8.25
Chicken Bhuna£7.95
Vegetable Bhuna£6.95
King Prawn Dhansak£11.99
Prawn Dhansak£8.45
Lamb Tikka Dhansak£8.45
Meat Dhansak£8.25
Chicken Tikka Dhansak£8.25
Chicken Dhansak£7.95
Vegetable Dhansak£6.95
King Prawn Madras£11.99
Prawn Madras£8.45
Lamb Tikka Madras£8.45
Meat Madras£8.25
Chicken Tikka Madras£8.25
Chicken Madras£7.95
Vegetable Madras£6.95
King Prawn Masala£11.99
Prawn Masala£8.45
Lamb Tikka Masala£8.45
Meat Masala£8.25
Chicken Tikka Masala£8.25
Chicken Masala£7.95
Vegetable Masala£6.95
King Prawn Sagwala£11.99
Prawn Sagwala£8.45
Lamb Tikka Sagwala£8.45
Meat Sagwala£8.25
Chicken Tikka Sagwala£8.25
Chicken Sagwala£7.95
Vegetable Sagwala£6.95
King Prawn Dupiaza£11.99
Prawn Dupiaza£8.45
Lamb Tikka Dupiaza£8.45
Meat Dupiaza£8.25
Chicken Tikka Dupiaza£8.25
Chicken Dupiaza£7.95
Vegetable Dupiaza£6.95
King Prawn Pathia£11.99
Prawn Pathia£8.45
Lamb Tikka Pathia£8.45
Meat Pathia£8.25
Chicken Tikka Pathia£8.25
Chicken Pathia£7.95
Vegetable Pathia£6.95
King Prawn Jalfrezi£11.99
Prawn Jalfrezi£8.45
Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi£8.45
Meat Jalfrezi£8.25
Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi£8.25
Chicken Jalfrezi£7.95
Vegetable Jalfrezi£6.95
King Prawn Vindaloo£9.45
Prawn Vindaloo£7.45
Lamb Tikka Vindaloo£7.45
Meat Vindaloo£7.25
Chicken Tikka Vindaloo£7.25
Chicken Vindaloo£6.95
Vegetable Vindaloo£5.95
Biryani Dishes
King Prawn Briyani£9.95
Special Biryani£9.50
Prawn Briyani£8.95
Chicken Briyani£8.75
Meat Briyani£8.75
Chicken Tikka Briyani£8.75
Vegetable Briyani£8.50
Side Dishes
Bombay Aloo Main£5.95
Bombay Aloo Side£3.95
Aloo Gobi Main£5.95
Aloo Gobi Side£3.95
Sag Aloo Main£5.95
Sag Aloo Side£3.95
Mushroom Bhaji Main£5.95
Mushroom Bhaji Side£3.75
Sag Bhaji Main£5.95
Sag Bhaji Side£3.75
Tarka Dhall Main£5.95
Tarka Dhall Side£3.95
Sag Paneer Main£5.95
Sag Paneer Side£3.95
Mutter Paneer Main£5.95
Mutter Paneer Side£3.95
Bindi Bhaji Main£5.95
Bindi Bhaji Side£3.95
Vegetable Bhaji Main£5.95
Vegetable Bhaji Side£3.95
Chicken Fried Rice£4.25
Special Rice
Eggs, peas and onion
Keema Pilau Rice
Mince meat
Egg Rice£3.50
Garlic Fried Rice£3.50
Mushroom Fried Rice
Vegetable Fried Rice
Pilau Rice
Fried Rice
Boiled Rice
Bread And Sundries
Stuffed Paratha
Mixed veg
Garlic & Cheese Naan£2.95
Keema & Garlic Naan£2.95
Keema Nan
Minced meat
Cheese Nan£2.85
Kulcha Nan
Onion and green peppers
Peshwari Nan
Sweet with pistachio
Vegetable Nan
Mixed veg
Garlic Nan£2.85
Chilli Naan£2.85
Tandoori Roti£2.20
Alcohol Beverages
House Wine Bottle£16.95
White Wine Bottle£16.95
Red Wine Bottle£16.95
Rose Wine Bottle£16.95
330ml Cobra Beer£3.25
330ml Corono Beer£2.75
330ml Carling Beer£2.75
330ml Stella Beer£2.75
275ml Becks Beer£2.75
330ml Budweiser Beer£2.75
330ml Carlsberg Beer£2.75
275ml Smirnoff Beer£2.75
Cans – Coke 330ml (Glass Bottle)£1.80
Cans – Diet Coke 330ml (Glass Bottle)£1.80
Soft Drinks – J20 Bottle£1.95
Soft Drinks – Appletiser£1.95
Soft Drinks – 500ml Bottle Of Water£1.00
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ORDER ONLINE from Altafs Balti, a Indian Restaurant and Takeaway in Worcester (WR4 9QH). Order direct for the cheapest prices. We are Worcester’s favourite …


Shohab Ahmed
I was in the area for 5 days and was looking for an authentic Pakistani curry and this place Has great flavours. Had a chat with the owner before ordering and he recommended the chicken handi, he was spot on the portion was huge I only managed to finish less than half, if this was in Manchester I would easy be paying double. The nan was nice fresh and fluffy plenty of chutneys and sauces offered. Highly recommend to anyone great staff service.
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Sherilou C
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… more
John Turner
… more
Shabzz B
Was travelling so after a lot of search We decided to go here, atmosphere was nice & restaurant clean , few lovely waiters .. food arrived after 50 min the starters popadoms & mix gril Wer lovely but my mains Big let downs the achari ghosht had no achar in it just pure strong garlic I asked for some other sauce just to down it but all I got was the spicy sauce from our popadoms tray & jalfrezi kinda tasted same like they used the same sauce but more spicy, I’m Asian so I kno my currys & this wasn’t nice. Did tell the boy who took my order about it & all I got was a OH & then £57 lol, with no main down n we only ate 1 chapati out of 6 chapati & 1naan given for us as a family of 3 I think that sums it all up I honestly won’t be going back nor recommend. 2 stars for the cleanliness & atmosphere that’s it
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Martin Hillman
Brilliant meal , so quick and tasty , tremendous naan ,Will use every time in Worcester with a good walk with daughters dog ,Keep up the fantastic work and chef
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VanyBelle Official
Lovely food, cheap, great atmosphere. Clean and tidy place and friendly members of staff
… more
Justin Paley-battersea
Amazing food great staff it’s a great place to eat im
… more
Rizwan Hussain
It’s a nice restaurant I strongly recommend it to visit this Indian place.
… more
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